Bjartmar och Hylta Arkitekter AB was founded in 1996 by Ulrika Bjartmar and Mårten Hylta in Lund, Sweden. The firm has a long and varied experience and has worked with everything from public buildings, additions in protected cultural environments, larger offices, apartment buildings, private housing projects and renovations.

Seen through a contemporary perspective, we are inspired by a site or built environment to create a dialog with both historical context and future potentials. With engagement and presence towards a project we aim to create sustainable architecture that lasts over time. We work towards an expressive architectural language with strong focus on both the totality of a project as well as the specific details.

We are passionate about the constant dialogue in the design process. Between an existing cultural environment, its qualities and shortcomings, the vision of the client, technical consults and antiquarians. In our projects we focus on working closely together with carpenters, contractors and construction workers. Our aim is a collaboration and presence through the entire process with focus on the end result that everyone involved can feel proud of.

Bjartmar och Hylta Arkitekter have though the years gained recognition by receiving prizes, winning competitions and having various publications published. Our office is located in the Zettervallska villa (Sandgatan) in the oldest part of Lund, with its roots in 900 A.C.